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Authorized person
Single Storey Roller Mills
Single Storey Roller Mills
Two Storey Roller Mills
Large Screen
Semolina Seperator
Bran Brush
Semolina Fan
Pneumatic Fan
Vibro Bran Brush
Insect Killer
Vitamin Machine
Drum Detacher
Vibro Grader
Air Lock
Vibro Seperator
Air Duct
Dry Stoner
Triangular Dry Stoner
Horizontal Scourer
Radial Tarar
Angled Intensive Dampener
Screw Spiral
Ultra Trieur
Aggregate Machine
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Extraction Rate Scale
Blower Pump
Tube Spiral Screw
Flour - Bran Screw
Blower Air Lock
V Type Belt
Cotton Cleaner
Gear for Roller Mills
Botton Cleaner
Brush Plastic Cleaner
Star Type Cleaner
Fiser Sieve Rods
Rotary Diverter Valve
Flat Headed Bolts
Glass Protector
Galvanized Perforated Metal Sheet
Perforated Metal Sheet
Silicone Filter Cover
Rubber for Pneumatic
Aluminum Filter Cover Small
Aluminium Filter Cover Big
Dry Stoner Rubber
Diaphragm Filter Cover
Roller Mill Brush
Electric Motor
Reducer Motor
Vibro Motor
Flow Debimeter
Filter Wire
Bag Sewing Machine
DK Elastic Couplings
Chain Couplings
Air Setting Clape
Aluminium Diverter Clape
Cast and Steel Pulley
Elevator Belts
Clamps Connections
Elevator Bucket
ROLLER MILL It ensures that cereal products are grinned as mid- and last- products. It is used to obtain flour and semolina through grinding grinds in flour and semolina factories. It is one the basic machines to determinate quality and yielding of flour. Machine consists of four sections as carrier chassis, product input lamp glass, supplying group, grinning section. It function as peer of ball positioned as parallel in machine, the procession of grinding is carried with rotating roller balls which are rotating at different speeds. Heating of balls with air current caused by rotating balls at different speeds is prevented. The function of grinding by electronic control unit has been become more regular. Thanks to strong carrier chassis, the problem of vibration is removed. Due to geometry of product input lamp glass, supplying group became better. It is used in breaking and crushing processions in grinding procession facilities apart from flour and semolina factories.